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Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

April 25, 2012

The purpose of all of my productions this year is for marketing. Each media production must promote the trailer/film positively and had to relate back to one another, using each other to create coherence throughout all products. This cohesion became my obsession and I noticed that with every great film there is a obvious consistency throughout all promotional material.

I feel that all four (trailer, magazine cover for mainstream/magazine for niche and film poster) of my media products possess this link. The marketing schedule of a film usually pans out like this:

First, the teaser trailer is released. This is used to give the audience a taste of what to expect from the new release. It builds tension around the release and can be released up to a year before the actually release date!

Secondly, posters and other promotional media come into play, whether this is a sponsored trend on twitter or a facebook advert.  In most cases posters will be released first in an attempt to rejuvenate or continue with the hype around the film caused by the trailer.

Finally, the magazine covers! As the release date creeps up on us, posters have done their job and continue to and then magazine covers suddenly begin to appear. Magazine covers are released the latest as it is most effective near to the film release, this is because film duffs want to read a relevant article on what’s out now or coming soon. There is no point releasing a cover article on a film coming out in a year.

Links throughout products:


To support this theory I felt I needed to create a obvious coherence between all four texts. The main consistent element was the font I used. I used a unique font found on and it is evident in every media text I have created (excluding the Little White Lies cover as there is rarely text apart from the magazine header). I did this as I felt it would create a a strong film image, films are similar to companies they must have something that is recognisable in everything that they create/do. I specifically picked the text Ribbon as it has a playful feel to it, supporting my nursery rhyme element. It is also very vintage and retro, something that is very fashionable now. This would have appealed to my target audience as they would be interested in this contemporary craze.

Each one of my media products contains the font above, during my audience feedback I discovered that this effectively linked all my creations together. They all noticed that there was a common factor throughout all. Below is an example of the text in each of my media products, they all look practically identical which is exactly what I was hoping for!

Images used:

Another element that is evident throughout all three texts is the particular combination of layered images. I did this by using Adobe Photoshop CS5.5, I layered my images on one another and then lowered there opacity, this meant that the colour intensified and the actors looked much darker, highlighting my underlying negative tone. This was another element that I felt I had to keep constant, I deciding on using relatively the same images for all my media products although these images did not appear in my trailer. The reason they did not appear is after researching film and their poster etc. I discovered that most film do not use an image from their trailer but from their film. I learnt from my audience feedback that they felt the images on my posters were “intriguing” and “had to be examined closely” similarly on my magazine cover the phrases used to describe the images were the same. James said that on both the image “forces the reader to concentrate and take the image in”. This shows that I have create a strong constant element in my products that is evident to my target audience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marketing to my target audience: 

I defined my target audience as “My target market is ambiguous, I don’t feel it can be defined by an age but instead by a common interest. I feel as though my film would attract those that keenly watch films that appear in film festivals like Cannes and Toronto as these festivals focus upon more indie, art house movies.” (

To correctly reach my target audience I had to think carefully of were to market all three products.


My trailer would be shown in selected cineworld, vue and other major branches but in particular arthouse cinemas. For instance the Gloucester Guildhall, although this is no a cinema is shows films that usually wouldn’t get a chance in major cinemas because they don’t appeal to the masses. ( I would also attempt to get advertisement placements on sites like Vimeo, Tumblr and Twitter as my target market would be interested strongly in theses sort of blogging/social networking sites.


My posters would appear in up and coming areas, where a lot of students live and where a lot of creatives live such a Hackney, Soho and Cheltenham. I would particularly focus my poster distribution on towns with universities, this marketing strategy has been used by Jack Wills as they identified their target market as university students as they are more intelligent and tend to be more individual; I feel this strategy would work exactly the same for me! My poster can also be shown on a smaller scale, it doesn’t have to be on billboards but instead in magazines like Creative Review and Wallpaper, these magazines target my audience perfectly and would work brilliantly as an avenue for effective marketing.


My magazine distribution would be relatively out of my control (as Empire decide on this) but the most effective selling points would be similar to where my poster would be shown. Places like Covent Garden in London that have lots of small corner shops would also be effective as my a lot of my target market work/live in and around these areas in London. Another element that I haven’t focused on is online magazine/ebooks/kindle magazines, this is an important new marketing tool as it’s very relevant. This would be a great way to attract my target audience as a lot of them would be spending their time in cafes and work places on their computers, this means I could reach them with my magazine virally rather than them going to a shop and buying it.

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