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Echoing Media Texts

March 29, 2012

These two screen shots below show that I echoed an opening shot from The Exploding Girl, The mix of nature and character introduces both scene and main character in one shot, very effective!

In these screen shots below it highlight the inspiration I drew from Another Earth (2011) for my titles sequence. I really liked the bold second word and thought it would look great on my trailer. Also the simple black and white colour scheme, is dark and emphasises the negative tone.


Trailer: Final

March 28, 2012

After my most recent post I thought it would be appropriate to get some feedback for my trailer. I conducted this market research through email, I thought this would be appropriate as you’re able to get a range of opinions. The feedback was positive but there were a couple of suggesting, all of which I built on and adapting to what my audience wanted.


“I think this is brilliant, very dark and atmospheric! Maybe put some credits in at the beginning, to break up the sequences”

“The trailer looks brilliant! I really like the image of Else and the heather on top of each other, and the cuts work really well. The music coming in at the end is really emotional and strong. The only things I’d comment on are:

  • there’s a slightly jumpy cut on 33 seconds,
  • and I think I would bring the music in on the image of the church rather than just after.  the bells work really well over the black screen, and then I’d leave them lingering over the church and the music, I think it will have more impact (altho I might be wrong!).”
“I really like it and you’ve attracted your target market well, pulling on the heart strings with the powerful music at the end. Although there’s a jump at 0.33 which breaks up the sequence a bit, apart from that, I think it’s great” 
All of the constructive criticism was taken into consideration when making the changes and I tried to adapt my trailer which what was being said. So lo’ and behold, here is my trailer!


Trailer: First Attempt

March 27, 2012

This is my first attempt at my film trailer, there are some rough areas and I’m not entirely pleased with the first half. I will be getting feedback and adapting it to suit my audience’s responses. Although this is a first draft I’m pleased with the outcome and feel like my hard work has paid off. Please though, tell me what you think! Email me at or comment on the post below.

Clothes for Trailer

March 26, 2012

I thought it was vital for my trailer to not be too elaborate as it is social realism. I kept this in mind when deciding on what should be worn. I settled for simple clothes, with no bright colours, greys, greens and browns. This also complimented the scenery brilliantly in the first sequence.

For the cemetery scene it was fairly simple was out fit was needed. I settled for black simply because of the connotations attached the black clothing. I think it works really well in, especially as I’ve darkened the scene to create a depressing atmosphere.

Location Shots

March 26, 2012

These are my locations for my film. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get closer in on the shots of my locations but you get the vague idea of where my film was shot.

Titles and Nesting Sequences

March 25, 2012

Before creating my trailer I was a complete Adobe Premiere/After Effect CS5 ‘virgin’, it was completely new to as I have never had a real interest in creating films etc. An example of nesting, is when you have three separate layers but link them all together to make a sequence, an example is below. As you can see it says nested sequence, this particular sequence is the credits part of my trailer at 0.31 – 0.36, the credits at the bottom had to stay the same and the titles (coming soon, had to fade in.



Writing audio script for trailer

March 24, 2012

From research of the Another Earth (2011) trailer, it influenced by script for my trailer. If you listen to the trailer, the main character basically tells her story from a 3rd person perspective. If you skip to 1:10 you will be able to hear what I mean. The main character says:

“Let me tell you a story, it’s about a girl. She does something unforgivable. She goes to apologise, she loses her nerve, she lies to him, she thinks she might be able make his life a bit better, but it was really just a way to survive with what I’ve done.”

I then wanted to re-create this I decided to write a script fitting with my plot but drawing similarities to the Another Earth’s plot too. Here is my attempt:

“Let me tell you a story, it’s about a girl and a boy. Something terrible happens to the boy, the girl tries to live on without him but can’t, she wanders through life trying to find meaning, acting as though she was okay when she was really just trying to survive without him.”

I then got my main actor (Jill) to then say this over, in a similar tone to the main actor of Another Earth. Below are the audios of before I edited it and after:

I then used the programme Audacity to correct the audio, I did this after criticism of the sound quality. I used the plugin ‘Gverb’ on Audacity to make the audio sound more professional through the echo. I wasn’t sure at first how to use the Gverb plugin but found a tutorial on youtube which was seriously helpful!